Our Process
Monroe Capital, Inc. prides itself on an efficient, seamless process as we review each loan inquiry. Click through each of the steps below to fully understand the process.
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    Loan Request
    Click "REQUEST A LOAN" below or call our office at (585) 424-2750 or toll free (877) 302-1051 and ask for a commercial loan specialist. All new loan requests are reviewed promptly and thoroughly.
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    Initial Contact
    Following an initial review of the loan request, a commercial loan specialist will contact the potential borrower or its agent to further discuss the parameters of the request and explain the loan programs offered by Monroe Capital, Inc.
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    Due Diligence
    A commercial loan specialist will review initial information provided by the borrower and request additional information to complete the due diligence process. Examples of such due diligence materials may include, financial statements, real property description, use of funds, etc. Following review of all due diligence materials, a determination will be made relative to the issuance of an application.
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    Once a determination has been made to issue an application to the prospective borrower, a fully prepared formal application will be provided for review and execution. The application will outline the terms and conditions of the proposed loan.
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    Upon receipt of an executed loan application, including payment of a nominal inspection fee, Monroe Capital, Inc. schedules an inspection of all real estate securing the loan request. Inspections by a representative of Monroe Capital, Inc. generally occur within 2-5 days following receipt of the executed application and inspection fee.
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    Following the property inspection, review of any due diligence issues and Monroe Capital, Inc.'s approval, a loan commitment will be issued to the borrower for review and execution. Upon receipt of the executed loan commitment, including payment of a legal deposit, Monroe Capital, Inc. will retain an attorney.
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    The attorneys retained by Monroe Capital, Inc. work diligently to close and fund the loan within 30 days of receipt of the fully executed commitment and legal deposit.
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